What is [Disaster prevention info-mail service Mamoru ]?

In [Disaster prevention info-mail service Mamoru], There are three services as follows;

For [Announcements from local autonomous bodies] service, you can select three different places, including your local area and two others such as your work area or school area or even the area in which your relatives or friends reside.

In the case of an earthquake of intensity 5 and above or a tsunami, you will receive a [safety confirmation e-mail] from Fukuoka Prefecture as a notification. By accessing the URL in the e-mail text, you will be able to notify registered e-mail addresses of your family or friends' (5 at most) of your safety easily.


Announcements from local autonomous bodies
Information from Fukuoka Prefecture
Disaster prevention information
Evacuation advisories and directive
Safety-related information for your area

Earthquake/Weather information
Disaster prevention and weather information

Information for daily life
Heat stroke index
Ultraviolet index

Safety confirmation e-mail
Safety confirmation e-mail

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