[Disaster prevention info-mail service Mamoru] terms of service-

Terms of service (Please read it before the registering)

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Com and Com Inc. (hereinafter called 'our company') provides crisis management information service including safety confirmation service, [Disaster prevention info-mail service Mamoru], (hereinafter called 'our service') subject to the outlined terms of service. If you do not agree to the term of service, we are not able to provide you with our service.

* About our service

** Regarding information provided

The information provided is limited to information that our company is able to obtain. Therefore, the information might not be perfect. Also, there might be cases, where the latest information we provide differs from the actual conditions.
When using our service, please exercise own judgement regarding the reliability and accuracy of the information provided. Please be aware of the risks and take own responsibility when using the information.

** Regarding network delays

We shall have no responsibility for troubles such as delays in delivery or non-delivery caused by congestion or trouble outside of our network after information is delivered from our mail server.

* Regarding registration

** When registering with our service, please complete all the necessary information. When the terms of service is breached or in cases where the registered customer does not actually exist or the registered contents are inaccurate, we reserve the right to reject the new registration or cancel the existing registration.

* Regarding personal information

** Personal Information Protection

Personal information requested by our company is limited to the minimum requirements needed for utilizing our service.
We need the personal information for 4 main purposes:
1. For the purpose of delivering e-mails from our partners, when you utilize our service as a service provided by our company and partners.
2. For the purpose of customizing the contents of e-mails delivered by our service.
3. For the purpose of improving the contents of our service.
4. For the purpose of providing you with other information such as special services.

Our company will not use or disclose customer's personal information to any third party for purposes other than those listed in this personal information protection section. We will also manage the information as described below.

Customer's personal information is protected by password to ensure the privacy and security of the user.

Our company keeps private information under conditions that restricts access to unauthorized users to prevent loss, misuse and change of personal information.

With regard to the disclosure, change, renewal or cancellation of customer's registered information, we will proceed only when we identify the customer from registered ID or password or e-mail address.

Contact: einfo@bousaimobile.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp

Our company might use, keep and disclose customer's information only when we need it 1) to maintain our service 2) to comply with the terms of service 3) to ensure the properties and rights of other customers, our company or third parties. 4) by law or request from court.

* Regarding service fee

** This service is free of charge, but communication fee might be charged by your mobile phone service provider when accessing the service.

* Contents of posting
Copyright of customer's postings will be transferred to our company when we receive it at our computers. We reserve the right to delete part of or all of the post after a certain period of posting or if posting contains what we consider to be restricted or prohibited information as outlined below.

1. Acts or inputs that offend public order and morals.
2. Mental abuse of any third party
3. Acts that put third party at a disadvantage
4. Acts that infringe a copyright
5. Acts that infringe the property or privacy of any third party
6. Register of information in places other than the designated area.
7. Business operation for yourself or for any third party
8. Acts that violate or might violate a statute, and acts of providing information that violate or might violate a statute.
9. Acts that hamper the operation of our website
10. All other acts that our company consider to be inappropriate

* Intellectual property right
All rights related to this service are the property of our company. No part of service contents may be reported, changed or modified. We also prohibit transferring of contents to any third party.

* Prohibitions
We prohibit customers from carrying out acts as stated below. (Our company will determine the applicability of the act.)

All acts prohibited by law, usage of the service for profit (in anyway, such as copy, sales, resale), acts that infringe on other customers or our service, change or deletion of the contents of our service, acts that results in economic or mental damage of others, disclosure of personal information without consent. defamation, spreading of rumors or false information, spoofed e-mail, forcing of others to use this service, stalking, harassment, messages containing offensive or defaming information, extreme attack or other acts that our company considers as inappropriate.

* Responsibility
Please do not lend or give away your password. Also please do not transfer your right and responsibility based on the terms of service. We consider usage of this service as the responsibility of the customer whose password was used to access the service.

* Notice or Contact
We will make contact with customers via e-mails when needed. If you decide to contact our company, you can reach us through appropriate contacts via e-mails.

* Suspension or discontinuation
Our company might suspend or discontinue our service for maintenance or restoration. In these cases, we shall have no responsibility for the suspension or discontinuation.

* Change/Termination
Our company can change, suspend, or terminate service contents, composition of the site and terms of service without notification to customers.

* Utilization of registered membership information
Our company will provide commercial message to the customers who agreed to receive them information about our service or notifications will also be sent to all registered customers.

* Changes to terms of service
Our company might change or modify the terms of service. Any changes will be effective immediately from the time when our company discloses them. The latest terms of service will always applied.