Personal information protection

* Personal information protection
  1. Basic concept
    In this website,, (hereinafter called this site) we gather users' information only to the extent necessary to ensure smooth operation of the service [Disaster prevention info-mail service Mamoru] provided in this site. We will use the gathered information appropriately.
  2. Extent of information gathered
    (1) In this site, we will gather internet domain-name, IP address, information regarding viewing of our site automatically.
    We do not use "cookie".
    (2) We request our customers to register their names (nickname is also allowed), e-mail addresses, passwords to utilize our service.
  3. Purpose of usage
    1. We will use the information gathered in 2(1) as references to ensure the smooth operation of our service.
    2. We will use the information gathered in 2(2) for the following four purposes.

  4. Restricted usage and provision
    In this site, we will not use the information gathered for any other purposes except for the above (3), or provide the information to any third party, unless there is disclosure request by law or violation such as unauthorized access or threat.
  5. Personal information management
    Registrant's personal information is protected by passwords to ensure user's privacy and security.
    Our company also keeps private information under conditions that restricts access to unauthorized users to prevent loss, misuse and change of personal information.
    With regard to the disclosure, change, renewal or cancellation of customer's registered information, we will proceed only when we identify the customer from registered ID or password or e-mail address.
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